High Crotch Defense & Crack Down


In wrestling, we always want to have options. We focus on winning and scoring out of every position. This hopefully happens when we are in on the shot, but sometimes we're not so quick and our opponent is in on our leg.

Even though we're in a defensive position, we should still look to score. This series goes over a bunch of different ways to capitalize on when our opponent makes that split second pause that so many do before finishing. Today, we're countering the so often used high crotch.

This lesson will also cover how to handle our opponenet putting us in the same situation, offensively. We always try to teach both sides of the coin in this sport, offense and defense, because they are equally important to your knowledge base. You never know when you'll get thrown into a crackdown, it happens in scrambles all of the time.

Quick Defense

  • Disappearing foot ·
  • Sprawl, Knees Off Mat, Opposite Hip Down ·

Crack Down

  • Crotch lock, hook leg, scoot behind ·
  • Foot under opponent's, roll backwards, cross-face ·
  • Opponent tries to roll, grab leg, come up through the middle ·
  • Grab near leg, lift high, attack head for cradle
  • Funk far leg (his drive leg)

Crack Down: Offense

  • Pick knee up, convert to double, jump to other side ·
  • Try double, wrap around the back of leg and finish ·
  • Elbow lock, roll opponent to back, quick switch to double and roll through ·
  • Elbow lock, circle, forward roll hop over, cut double
  • Pick leg up, circle under and back over
  • Duck head under leg, spin through
  • Grab arm, pull into other hand, circle away

He Starts To Cut Double

  • Feet out to the side, force hips onto head, circle out front
  • Crotch lock, roll through, come up through middle or end in sprawl
  • Funk near leg ·

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