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The Red Hawk Wrestling Club is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport of wrestling by providing a clean, safe, wholesome learning environment for our young wrestlers. We take great pride in watching our wrestlers grow as we help to mold and build their character, instilling in them a sense of pride and positive values that comes through the hard work, dedication and discipline that are inherent in the quest of the wrestler who... "Strives to be the Best He Can Be".

Classes for all skill levels.

Including drill, live wrestling, and instruction by some of the best high school, college and professional coaches in the area. Workout with some of the best and most dedicated work-out partners in the area.

Wrestling Practice Schedule:

  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • All Experience Levels - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

For the rest of the summer we will be running one practice, at the same prices as our last location. Once September hits we may want to split the practices again. We'll cross that bridge when we approach it.

Length & Cost:

  • Per Night: $15
  • One Month: $100
  • Three Months: $260
  • Six Months: $480
  • One Year: $920

We are in a new location now, which means prices will increase soon, but not yet! These changes will also happen in September. Get in on the action and come see our new facility while the prices remain low!

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