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Red Hawk is dedicated to helping our loyal members as much as possible. After all, we're coaches, and we want our students to have the best chance to succeed. In order to be successful in wrestling you must be competing against the best, and frequently. While we go to as many individual tournaments as we can to coach our guys, we also want to facilitate a team atmosphere. This is where our club team comes in.

While being on Team Red Hawk, you will get the chance to compete in dual meet tournaments at various venues scattered across the east coast. We will not just pick up the phone and call up studs to replace your wrestler. We will use our members so we can improve our skills.

We are not concerned with winning these tournaments. Our primary focus is serving our members and getting them better. Some other clubs think it's best to recruit in teams to make themselves look better. We feel this is a horrible business plan, as it looks to advertise and bring in people to their club, and doesn't show care towards the people who actually attend their club. We want to satisfy our customers and get them better. We only care about the people who care about us. This attitude has led to us having a fantastic team that we can actually call our own. And yes, we have won multiple dual tournaments with this ideology.

If your wrestler is a loyal member, he will have his chance to earn his spot. When we have multiple members vying for the same weight class we will conduct wrestle-offs.

The only time we will ever allow walk-ons is if we currently don't have the spot filled.

Team Rules

There are rules that you must follow if you want to keep a spot on our line-up.

  1. You must be an active club member, attending twice per week minimum, with at least one month of previous attendance under your belt. We will not allow "drop-ins".
  2. You must show that you are committed to learning our technique so that we can accurately coach. If you don't know the moves we're calling out, then as coaches we can't help. If you don't attend class after a dual meet, we can't give you things to work on and improve your technique. If you stop attending practice twice per week, an active member is free to take your spot.
  3. You must conduct yourself with sportsmanship in mind. You will teach yourself and your wrestler to not complain about points given during or after a match. The ref's call is final. We have tried to change the most obvious calls to no avail. Stop complaining and focus on scoring the next point.
  4. There will be no throwing of headgear, causing a fuss, or any other misconduct. You will hold your head high whether you win or lose.
  5. If you are in between weight classes, you should go to the lower one. The dual meet tournaments we go to are national level competition, it will do you no good to wrestle up.


  1. Best two out of three format if the wrestlers are close in ability. If not, one match will do.
  2. The period times will be 1:30, 1:30, 1:30.
  3. If challenging, the wrestler currently with the spot will have to win once. The challenger will have to win twice. Should the wrestler being challenged lose, he must then win two in a row to keep his spot.
  4. You are allowed to challenge for the team once per month.
  5. Your weight must be within 5% of the weight class you are wrestling for.

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