Front Head And Arm


The Front Head And Arm or Front Headlock is a very dangerous position for the defensive guy, and an extremely controlling position for the guy on offense. Whenever your opponent is hanging his head down a little, we'll tell you as coaches to snap him under. You can also get it if your opponent takes a bad shot. It's very easy to control him and if performed correctly, you should be able to get a takedown out of it.

You will pull his head under your chest. Grab the chin with one hand while keeping your elbow high so it's harder for your elbow to be grabbed and controlled. With the other hand, grab the opposite side arm and keep it up.

Ideally, you'll want to snap him down to the mat and finish there. With that in mind, there are plenty of moves to do while standing.


  • Far side ankle pick to cradle ·
  • Fireman's carry
  • Duck under, punch over
  • Pass by to near high crotch ·
  • Double cement, step behind leg, roll
  • Cement, lift foot, lean ·
  • Cement, inside trip ·
  • Flying Cradle ·

On The Mat

  • Head in armpit, grab hip, pull both, run behind ·
  • Throw-by
  • Cement Job
  • Fake cement, pull wrist, spin behind ·
  • Olympic Roll (Mixer) ·
  • Feed elbow across, lift knee, turk
  • Feed elbow across, lift head, throw legs in ·
  • Headlock X
  • Knee Pick
  • Knee pick, opponent recovers, spin behind
  • Opponent grabs elbow, switch side slam, knee behind elbow, go behind

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