Granby Rolls


The granby roll is one of the quickest ways to escape, though it becomes easy to deal with and predictable when you do it too much. The basic strategy is if you have tried everything else and it's late into the period, then you granby roll. Ten seconds on the clock is the perfect time.

The side your opponent is on, you'll take that arm and tuck it under and then propel yourself across your shoulders. Only attempt this when your opponent is on the outside of that near arm. If he has a half nelson you'll be putting yourself on your back for him.


  • Granby to escape ·
  • Granby with wrist, peek out ·
  • Granby to peterson ·
  • Stand up, granby, escape ·
  • Stand up, granby with wrist, peek out ·
  • Stand up, granby to peterson.


Stay under the near arm. Go for a half or claw ride off the start if you hear the opponent's coach say "granby roll", just in case.

  • How to roll with a Granby ·

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