Low Leg Single


The low leg single is a very quick, effective shot to your opponent's ankle. Sometimes called an ankle-pick, it is very skill dependant and reaction based. If pulled off correctly, it can get very quick takedowns against even the best wrestlers. This can happen off the whistle, while your opponent is unprepared and getting back to his stance, or even after fakes.

This lesson should teach the importance of quick shots, fakes, and quick reactions to your opponent's shots. It also teaches how to properly go out the back door and opens that up as a new scrambling position for us to work on. The toe-touch drill is especially useful when being offensive or defending shots of this nature.


  • Head to knee, pin knee to mat, circle and collect other ankle ·
  • Other arm around back of other leg, circle to, turk finish ·
  • Out to side, pick up, single leg finish ·
  • Circle around back, grab ankle, limp whizzer arm out, collect far ankle


  • Near shoulder push-off ·
  • Crotch lock, leg cradle ·
  • Wizzer pull up to trick knee
  • Cross ankle pull in to leg half, then turk/cradle/leg-cradle ·
  • Funk
  • Out back door, body lock with arm, two legs to one side, lock leg ·
  • Same as last, he puts you down, cement, pinch head, fall off ·

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