Shin Whizzer (Trick Knee)


This is a powerful form of a whizzer that can completely stop an outside single or low leg single in its tracks. With a traditional whizzer, we'll drive our opponent forward and grab our shin. Then we'll put as much pressure on our opponent's shoulder as possible so he can't regain any ground.

This is a high level defense which you'll see used often within scrambles in college and high-school. It's imperative that we know how to use it and that we go for it whenever possible.

Too often do our kids think that grabbing a far side power-half will work against an outside single. The sad fact is that it doesn't do anything to anyone half-decent past the age of ten.

We really wish school programs would stop teaching kids to do this. As responsible wrestling coaches, we must teach technique that work for the entirety of the wrestler's career, not give them a quick fixes. This is why we do not teach headlocks, chin whips, etc. This is also why school pragrams are failing.


  • Limp leg out, spin behind
  • Three on one (on the mat)
  • Three on one (when the guy is coming up)
  • Tornado Spin
  • Pick ankle with foot, funk out

Opponent Is Lifting Leg

  • Near-side foot comes up - Cut Back
  • Far-side foot comes up - Funk


  • Get above the knee, pick up, single leg finish
  • Grab near ankle, limp whizzer out, collect far ankle

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