Single Leg Finishes


An outside single is one of the most used shots in wrestling, and lifting the leg and going high single is one of the best ways of finishing a takedown. It starts with taking a shot on the right leg with our right hand, or left on left.

Usually, if you ever have an outside single, you try to pick it up. After you have it up high you have good chance of finishing and it's very difficult for even a college level funky wrestler to scramble and defend.

That doesn't mean we won't try to defend. When in this situation, more than any other, it's important to at least go for something. If you don't, you're likely to get taken down anyways. It helps to create a little chaos, and that's what type of scrambling we will induce.

Cross Leg (via Outside Single)

  • Front trip
  • Back trip
  • Collar tie, drag and/or trip
  • Inside trip

Opponent Sprawls

  • Peek out
  • Dip knee, far double
  • Out back door, grab hip and turn
  • Out back door, he grabs body lock, turk finish

Same Side Leg (via High Crotch)

  • Tendon grab, back step ·
  • Tendon Grab, he gets up, inside trip ·
  • Tendon Grab, he gets up, back trip ·
  • Collar tie, pull forward ·
  • Collar tie, leg hook ·

Defense (While Shooting)

  • Sprawl, hips down and away, near ankle throw
  • Whizzer, pull forward into shin whizzer.

Defense (While Leg Is High)

  • Fight hands, pull down ·
  • Pull elbows, leg in, stomp mat ·
  • Turn and kick ·
  • Turn and kick, funk ·
  • Cut-back ·

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