Stuck Under Counters


When in a front headlock it's extremely important to gain as much control as possible. There is too much for the offensive wrestler to get away with due to the lack of visibility from the referee. In college, when you find yourself in this position, your opponent often goes for more dirty tactics like slamming your head on the mat and/or choking you. Because the ref can't accurately see these events, they largely go unchecked.

We recommend you get out of this situation as quickly as possible. Grabbing wrist control and circling out is the preferred method of dealing with this. Only when that fails should you go for the other moves we teach.

We know that we preach to look for a takedown in every situation, but this is the one exception. Your job is to get away from it first, then reattack as fast as you can.


Control the easiest accessible elbow and face your opponent at all times. Stay off your knees whenever possible so you can move faster and work up to neutral easier.

  • Wrist control, post hand to mat, circle out ·
  • Wrist control, post hand to mat, circle, arm drag to single
  • Drag out ·
  • Drag out, far lat grab, seat belt toss ·
  • Knee tap ·
  • Barrel roll ·
  • Arm spin ·
  • Elbow lock roll ·

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