Two On One Control Ties


The Two On One, often referred to as The Russian, is a very underutilzied tie-up in the younger ages of our sport. It is more often seen in college than anywhere else. As always, if we can get our young ones to start doing this, they'll be years ahead of their peers.

As you can probably get through the name, we're controlling our opponent's one arm with two hands. Both palm up, one is one the wrist while the other is holding the shoulder. This gives us a good angle to do a wide variety of shots.

It can be part of handfighting and is not meant to be held onto for very long. With tie-ups, we feel you should use them as soon as possible, or move to the next one. This is often based on how our opponent reacts to whatever tie-up we currently have.


  • Heel hook, near single ·
  • Step on toe, pull wrist down and forward
  • Fake heel hook, pull wrist down and forward ·
  • Fake heel hook, far leg attack ·
  • Arm drag get behind ·
  • Mule kick, toe hook, far ankle pick ·
  • Pull arm down, near leg in, grab wrist ·
  • Inside trip
  • Polish ·
  • Head in chest, straighten arm, arch back and toss ·

Action Reaction

  • Opponent grabs wrist, clear hand to shot
  • Opponent strips wrist control, fireman's carry ·
  • Opponent posts on head, elbow post to shot ·
  • Opponent posts on head, behind the head elbow pull, double ·
  • Opponent gets front head lock, one arm fireman's carry ·


  • Peel hand to super drag ·
  • Quick drag
  • Elbow pull to far double ·

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